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SFCC Student Community Garden
3410 W Fort George Wright Dr, Spokane, WA 99224
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SFCC Student Community Garden


The student community garden at SFCC is open to all students. It is entirely student funded and operated. Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to learn how grow their own food and to learn all of the ecological benefits of growing organic. We provide students with everything they need to have a successful garden from seed to fruit. Every student who signs up gets a 30”x 20’ bed which they can plant whatever they would like in. We provide the seeds the tool and the watering is automatic. Students just have to participate in planting and maintain their beds, and all the vegetables produced are theirs to keep. We also provide assistance in seed starting so that students can learn the process of starting all their plants from seed. In our garden we also have a three section composts system where we collect food scraps form the cafeteria and food bank and leafs from the campus to compost. This allows us to reduce waste on campus provide nutrients to the garden and demonstrate how to student how to compost.

Garden Features: 
ADA Accessible
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Garden Supervisor: 
Nathan Evans (Student)
Kris Moberg (Faculty)
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Membership Costs: 
Free for studens
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