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East Valley School Farm and Community Garden
15711 E Wellesley Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99216
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East Valley School Farm and Community Garden


The East Valley Farms and Schools Partnership have created an exciting opportunity to help the community members and students of the East Valley School District understand the complexities of farming and gardening while building unity among community members. We feel the scope of our community garden is limited only by our imagination and determination. Not only will classrooms have this opportunity, but all community members. Families are the backbone of our schools and when families are supported in investing time with each other then families can be more successful. Grandparents, neighbors and students alike can come together and grow together through gardening.

This garden is a new initiative but has great potential and promises to be a community and school district driven endeavor in years to come. The garden will have 10 raised beds that will be 6 feet wide by 50 feet long. Each bed will be divided into 6’x10’ sections for participating gardeners. Harvesting will continue into October when we will have a community clean up and prep for the next spring.

Ambition takes work and as students and community members become invested in their garden and work together toward its success, partnerships and relationships will be established between our schools and community. We feel that a district is as strong as its members. When there is a desire for improvement, a vision for the future, and willing hands, great and lasting work can be accomplished.

Garden Features: 
ADA Accessible
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Garden Supervisor: 
Lynette Romney
Number of Plots: 
Plot Sizes: 
8x8, 8x45
Membership Costs: 
FREE for East Valley Community + donation for water