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Chief Garry Community Garden

2103 East Mission Avenue, Spokane, WA 99202


At Christ the King Anglican Church.



(509) 838-1633
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Earth Turners

1500 W Water Street, Spokane, WA



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Northeast Community Center Garden

E Liberty Ave & N Lacey St Spokane, WA 99207


Step away from the hectic hustle of every day life and participate in a Community Garden...

Established in 1994, the Northeast Community Garden was created at the Community Center by the LDS church as a part of their sesquicentennial celebration. The first year's crops were farmed in the tradition of early pioneers and produce given to the food bank for Northeast families. The gardens were then made available for individual gardening. In 2007, to support the expansion of the Community Center, the gardens were relocated to the corner of Liberty and Lacy Street and offered twice the number of garden spaces. All were quickly filled.

The garden operates on a corner of the Andrew Rypien Playfield. In addition to youth soccer and baseball, the entire field is surrounded by a lighted walking path. Comcast employees constructed a nearby play structure.

Garden spaces are reserved on an annual basis with prior year's Gardeners having the opportunity to renew their spaces. Remaining spaces are rented on a first come, first serve basis. Additional spaces are also available at the Pumphouse garden at Crestline and East Hoffman. Call 509-487-1603, beginning in March, to reserve a space.

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Brownes Addition

All Saints Lutheran Community Garden

314 S Spruce St. Spokane, WA 99201


Contact Person:
Leona Brunitt and Robert Chenault
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Cheif Gary Park

North Fancher Rd. Garden

E Mansfield Ave. and N Eastern Rd., Spokane, WA 99212



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Cheney Community Garden

1812 E 7th Ave, Cheney, WA 99004


In the undeveloped portion of Centennial Park.

Contact Person:
Jon Callester
(509) 498-9250
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Community Sunshine Garden

1512 S Ash Street, Spokane, WA


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Future Polly Judd Park Community Garden

1802 W 14th Ave Spokane, WA 99204


Contact Person:
Judy Biedenharn
47.6435222, -117.4389285
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Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church Community Garden

4320 S Conklin St. Spokane WA


Beautiful Savior Lutheran acquired the grounds to the west of the church in 2010. Formerly a nursery, the area has been cultivated as a Community Garden. Our goal has been to make this land available to our neighbors. Many families have utilized the garden to supplement the feeding of their families.

Community gardens increase a sense of community ownership and stewardship.
Community gardens foster the development of a community identity and spirit.

Produce traditional crops otherwise unavailable locally.

Community gardens allow families and individuals without land of their own the opportunity to produce food.
Community gardens provide access to nutritionally rich foods that may otherwise be unavailable to low-income families and individuals.

Urban agriculture is 3-5 times more productive per acre than traditional large-scale farming.
With food prices expected to reach a 10 to 15 percent increase, less and less food will be available to those in poverty, It then becomes even more vital to have a dependable supply of fresh food for the disadvantaged.

Studies have shown that community gardeners and their children eat healthier diets than do nongardening families.

Community gardens add beauty to the community and heighten peoples awareness and appreciation for living things.
Scientific studies show that crime decreases in neighborhoods as the amount of green space increases.
Please join us this spring, summer and fall as we look forward to having a banner year in the garden. Help will be needed. We will inform you of those opportunities as they become available. For more information about reserving a garden bed contact Tom Lucke (448-6064).

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Commons Community Garden

E 33rd Ave & S Lamonte St Spokane, WA 99203


Contact Person:
Pat Munts
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Country Homes

Hutchinson Garden

321 West Holland Avenue, Spokane, WA


Historic organic garden areas with 3 bedroom home located in the Whitworth area. Produce fed up to four families year round. Water is available on both sites.

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Deer Park

Deer Park Community Garden

N. North Ave and W 1st St, Deer Park


Garden has 10 raised beds 1 long strip for in-ground planting.

Contact Person:
(509) 844-8924
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East Central

Ecco Community Garden

East 4th Avenue & South Pittsburg Street, Spokane, WA 99202


East Central Community Organization (ECCO) is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 corporation that currently operates the East Central Community Center.  The ECCO Community Garden is divided into over 20 garden beds to offer an opportunity for community members to develop and maintain their own garden spot.

Contact Person:
East Central Community Center
47.652941, -117.383699
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Grant Park Community Garden

1300 E 9th Ave. Spokane, WA 99202


The Grant Park Community Garden is located on lower South Hill in Spokane, in the Perry District. This community garden boasts a lovely setting within Grant Park and has 42 beds available. Contact Garden Manager Peggy Parker (469) or leave a message on the facebook page at Grant Park Community Garden, 2017 Plot Sizes and Rates: $25 4x8 and $35 4x12. The garden is located on the north side of Grant Park, near 1300 E 9th Ave. Spokane, WA

Grant Park Community Garden is a brand new garden being created in the heart of the South Perry Neighborhood. We are committed to working with neighbors and local businesses to help families in our community have access to quality, inexpensive, whole foods.

Our goal is to make the garden a fun and accessible environment where we can gather to learn about gardening, sustainable living and growing food for our own tables. We have many different ways for you to get involved in your community garden.

(469) 264-1059
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Underhill Community Garden

E Hartson Ave & S Ralph St Spokane, WA 99202


Our community garden it is on the corner of Hartson and Ralph one block south of the Fred Meyers store on fifth ave. in East Central Neighborhood.  We have 24 plots.  It feels like we are at least 5 years old.  

For information, email:

Contact Person:
Alexandra Montegue
Last modified date: Mon, 10/23/2017 - 9:44am



Salvation Army Community Garden

222 East Indiana Avenue, Spokane, WA


Digging in the dirt might not seem like the place to learn life skills and meet other community members. But that’s exactly what’s happening at The Salvation Army in Pierce County.

The Salvation Army in Tacoma opened a community garden this year for the first time as part of the SHIELD program, which stands for safe housing, healthy habits, increase habits, increase assets, encourage relationships, life skills, and developmental assets.

The garden provides clients with new relationships, life skills and confidence. Gardening has brought the Pierce County community together, strengthening ties between The Salvation Army clients and community members. This summer, people from all backgrounds will be working together alongside each other to produce fresh fruits and vegetables for themselves, as well as The Salvation Army food bank and shelter.

“The community garden is an inexpensive way to get people around the community involved and help our clients see that they can make a change,” Major Donald Sheppard said. “Clients are trying to change their lives and grow as people. The garden provides all the resources to help them start making those changes.”

“The community garden helps clients to increase their skill set and witness something they are able to do themselves,” Sheppard said. “It promotes self-esteem and does wonders for their sense of value.”

Pictured Above: Members of the Northwest Leadership Foundation help break ground and build garden beds.

It also allows clients to grow their own food, learning the necessary skills it takes to start and maintain the garden.

If the gardener chooses, the food can be distributed to The Salvation Army shelter and food bank, allowing an opportunity for clients to give back and help others in need. As part of showing appreciation to those who have served in the military, veterans receive a garden bed for free.

“There are thirty garden beds total,” Sheppard said. “This helps our client’s welfare, not only physically but also psychologically and spiritually.”

Clients also have the opportunity to teach gardening classes, based on their experience in the garden. Young adults who come from broken homes have been identified to teach the classes, in order to provide them with leadership opportunities. Classes will be held throughout July and August.

Special thanks to the sponsors of the community garden project – Tacoma Chamber of Commerce and McLendon Hardware.

509 329 2753
47.67475, -117.4077
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Fairview And Hemlock Community Garden

W Fairview Ave & N Hemlock St


The Hemlock and Fairview Community Garden is located on the northwest side of the Spokane, Washington metropolitan area. These Bhutanese gardeners grow an early crop of saag in the springtime as part of a mixed succession system ... then the warm weather plants get growing later in summer's hot sun. We can learn a lot from different traditional gardening methods! We are an organic garden that serves a diverse community of individuals, families, groups, and non-profit organizations. Join us, a community garden near you, or support local, sustainable food wherever you are! — at Hemlock and Fairview Community Garden.

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Holy Cross Nepali-Speaking Bhutanese Community Garden

Holy Cross Lutheran Church-Lcms​ on E. Cozza Drive


, 7307 N Nevada St., Spokane, WA


Holy Cross Nepali-Speaking Bhutanese Community GardenThe Holy Cross Nepali-Speaking Bhutanese Community Garden is located near the Holy Cross Lutheran Church-Lcms​ on E. Cozza Drive near 7307 N Nevada St. About 20 years ago, many of the Bhutanese families were forced to flee from Bhutan to neighboring Nepal, where they have been living in a refugee camp. Many Bhutanese gardened at the Hemlock & Fairview garden, but unfortunately that garden was being developed to better serve non-profit clients in August 2017. Once again, the Bhutanese needed garden space to bring together a refugee community who has been resettled separately throughout Spokane. Holy Cross Lutheran Church offered that space and community support.

The Holy Cross Nepali Speaking Bhutanese Community Garden is a place where the entire community can connect with each other regardless of where in Spokane they live, and the older generation can teach gradening skills to the younger generation. Roughly 26 families garden at this spot off Nevada. Here is an article about another Holy Cross Lutheran Garden across the state in Kent, Washington.


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Otis Orchards

St. Joseph Parish Community Garden

4521 N Arden Rd, Otis Orchards, WA 99027


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Peaceful Valley

Riverview Community Garden

Need address


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St. John’s Cathedral Community Garden

127 East 12th Avenue, Spokane, WA 99202


Garden established in 2013.

Background article

Located off Bicentennial Park near the St. John’s Cathedral.

Contact the cathedral office if you’d like to join this adventure in urban gardening.

Pic of St. John's Cathedral Comm. Gdn.

Ample Parking, Wheelchair Accessible, Close to Bus
47.645262, -117.40971
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Spokane Valley

East Valley Farms And School Program

15711 East Wellesley Avenue, Spokane Valley


The East Valley Farms and Schools Partnership have created an exciting opportunity to help the community members and students of the East Valley School District understand the complexities of farming and gardening while building unity among community members. We feel the scope of our community garden is limited only by our imagination and determination. Not only will classrooms have this opportunity, but all community members. Families are the backbone of our schools and when families are supported in investing time with each other then families can be more successful. Grandparents, neighbors and students alike can come together and grow together through gardening.

This garden is a new initiative but has great potential and promises to be a community and school district driven endeavor in years to come. The garden will have 10 raised beds that will be 6 feet wide by 50 feet long. Each bed will be divided into 6’x10’ sections for participating gardeners. Harvesting will continue into October when we will have a community clean up and prep for the next spring.

Ambition takes work and as students and community members become invested in their garden and work together toward its success, partnerships and relationships will be established between our schools and community. We feel that a district is as strong as its members. When there is a desire for improvement, a vision for the future, and willing hands, great and lasting work can be accomplished.

(509) 924-1830
47.701155, -117.197943
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Fresh Start Community Garden

11202 East Mission Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA


The gardens are located just south of Valley Mission Park and are accessed through a gate at the SE corner of the parking lot on the south side of Mission. 

Would you like to grow your own garden but are not able to do so at home?

We offer many sizes of raised beds and mounds for rent. All beds have a mix of topsoil and compost and are conveniently tied into a drip irrigation system to reduce water usage and time spent watering. We provide seeds and starts to all gardeners at no extra cost. We also offer a limited number of 30”-high raised beds for those who have trouble bending down to garden.

Contact Person:
Christopher Barnes
47.67051, -117.25354
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Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

2511 S Pines Road, Spokane, WA


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Resurrection Episcopal Community Garden

15319 East 8th Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99037, USA


Church garden open to the public.

(509) 926-6450
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Rocky Hill Park Community Garden

22710 Country Vista Drive, Liberty Lake, WA


Each year the plots are available to anyone and are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. The Rocky Hill Garden Plots are now full but there are a few spots available at the Arboretum garden. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for either of the gardens please contact Michelle at 755-6726. Each plot has a $25 fee which is used to purchase equipment for the garden. 

Contact Person:
Michelle Griffin
47.667981, -117.100196
Last modified date: Wed, 11/16/2016 - 3:54pm

United Church of Christ Community Garden

611 N Progress Road


Church garden open to the public.

Contact Person:
Cherall Anne St. James
47.6628913, -117.2020475
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Pumpkin Patch Community Garden

N Argonne Rd & E Maringo Dr., Millwood, WA 99212


The Pumpkin Patch Community Garden is in an historic rural setting which was the popular “Pumpkin Patch” back in the 1980’s and ’90’s. After the land sat vacant for five years, community members gathered together and added 30 garden plots, some of which were planted to benefit Second Harvest’s Plant a Row for the Hungry program. Pumpkins were also planted and a native wildflower border serves as a buffer between the busy road and the garden.

Host Organization: Inland Empire Paper and Millwood Community Presbyterian Church

Contact Person:
Teresa Sadler
47.690921, -117.282218
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Eden Community Gardens

15515 Gleneden, Spokane, WA 99208


Logo of Eden Community GardensEden Community Gardens is a welcoming place where neighbors GROW healthy crops, GATHER together, and GIVE to others. Serving the needs of North Spokane, WA through personal garden plots and food bank plots.

Contact Person:
Barry Karalfa
47.7988338, -117.4070207
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Eden Community Gardens

15515 Gleneden, Spokane, WA 99208


Logo of Eden Community GardensEden Community Gardens is a welcoming place where neighbors GROW healthy crops, GATHER together, and GIVE to others. Serving the needs of North Spokane, WA through personal garden plots and food bank plots.

Contact Person:
Barry Karalfa
47.7988338, -117.4070207
Last modified date: Fri, 12/29/2017 - 12:52pm


West Central

Holy Trinity Community Garden

1832 W Dean Ave Spokane, WA 99201



Contact Person:
Pastor Jaynan Clark
47.666476, -117.439959
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West Central Community Garden

1832 W Dean Ave Spokane, WA 99201


West Central neighborhood of Spokane, Washington is a food desert

According to the  USDA Food Desert Locator, the West Central neighborhood of Spokane, Washington is a food desert. A food desert is defined as “a low-income census tract where a substantial number or share of residents has low access to a supermarket or large grocery store” ( Residents of food deserts find it more difficult to access healthy and affordable foods.

West Central Community Garden helps with fresh vegetables & more.

Located in the center of this inner city neighborhood, West Central Community Garden seeks to offset the difficulties of living in a food desert by reclaiming a large vacant lot for urban agriculture. In 2011, the garden was designated by the mayor’s office as the city’s primary community garden for the northwest quadrant of Spokane. The garden not only improves the availability of nutritious food to West Central residents, but it also provides a place for neighbors to gather and get to know one another.

Raised Vegetable Garden Beds produce food for individuals and meal programs.

The garden currently features 49 raised growing beds. During the 2011 growing season, approximately one third of the beds were tended by neighborhood residents allowing them to supplement their nutrition with the fresh fruits and vegetables they grew. The remaining beds were tended by neighborhood residents and volunteers, and the food grown was donated to HT Dinner Table (a weekly free meal program) and to the local food bank,
Our Place Ministries. The garden was also frequented by the homeless who gleaned produce to supplement their inadequate diets. In 2011, we also held several free gardening classes open to the neighborhood. Partnering with Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, we also held a combination Vacation Bible School and Garden Camp for neighborhood kids.

The Episcopal Diocese of Spokane
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Project H.O.P.E.
Zaida Leighton
Carolyn Terry
Gloria Waggoner
WSU-Spokane County Extension
Ziggy’s Building  Materials

47.666541, -117.439937
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West Plains

Airway Heights Community Garden

924 S Lawson St, Airway Heights, WA


47.647274, -117.589127
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