About Us

"photo of founding Board members"
Founding Board members for the newly reorganized Spokane Community Gardens! Back (L to R): Nneka Palmer (Volunteer Coordinator), Chrys Ostrander (Social Media/Web Coordinator), Pat Munts (Education/PR), Jennifer Ogden (Treasurer), and Jon Lossing (Public Outreach Coordinator). Front (L to R): Kathleen Callum (President) and Angela Mulder (Secretary).

If you are interested in leveraging resources to better support your community, school, youth, or service garden, then this organization is for you!

If you are interested in better networking between the area's community gardens (who has extra plots available? plant starts anyone?), then this new organization is for you!

Our new umbrella organization will not re-invent the wheel. We plan to borrow tips from premier community garden support organizations in other cities such as Gateway Greening in Saint Louis, Missouri and Seattle's P-Patch program. No doubt we'll come up with some ideas of our own that others might be able to use too. We grow together.

Tell us how to better serve gardens here in Spokane! Use our Contact us form.

At your service,

Kathleen Callum (President), Angela Mulder (Secretary), Jennifer Ogden (Acting Treasurer), Pat Munts (Acting Education Coordinator), Jon Lossing (Community Outreach), Chrys Ostrander (Website), Nneka Palmer (Volunteer Coordinator)

Spokane Community Gardens is organized as a Club under the Associated Garden Clubs of Spokane umbrella organization.